About Us

About Us

One of the largest and oldest PVC & WPC Boards Manufacturers in India.

PVC Board and WPC Board Manufacture

ECHON has over 20 years of experience in PVC / WPC-extrusion manufacturing and supplying premier quality PVC Board and WPC Board and other products worldwide. ECHON products especially ECHON PVC Board and WPC Board are manufactured from state-of-the-art technology enabling ECHON to offer the most extensive and high-quality products in the industry. ECHON’S ability to be innovative and versatile allows it to provide valuable and supportive solutions to its distributors, dealers and contractors. The company’s philosophy and mission lay strong emphasis on providing the highest level of customer service and support to its customers and product consumers.

PVC/WPC Board Suppliers & Exporters

Cell Structure


ECHON’s Dimension Collection offers contractors and fabricators thicknesses
ECHON Sheets come from
0.70mm to 50mm THICK!

Top PVC Companies


Laminated Door

Smooth Surface & Superior Cell Structure

Rigid PVC Board

Good Screw Holding Capacity

Bedroom Door

Dimensionally Stable

PVC WPC POP ceiling

Premium Printing, Pasting & Punching Ability

Readymade door

Easy Thermoforming

Sliding door

Eco-Friendly & Lead Free

WPC Door and frame/chaukhat

Excellent Sound, Thermal & Electrical Insulators

Best door to use in bathroom

Tight Thickness & Density Control

PVC Foam Sheet

High Impact Resistance

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