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Bedroom Door

Bedroom Door

We style your home the way you want

Bedroom Door are often neglected nowadays but in reality, they play a significant role in the room’s interior design and the ambiance. The bedroom is a useful space, the focus is mainly on practicality and everything that’s decorative occupies a secondary place.

When it comes to choosing a perfect door, the prospects seem to be endless. Wooden doors are a beautiful, sound solution with their solid form and timeless warmth but now they are being replaced by PVC Doors.

With a real wood feel and durability of PVC, let ECHON Bedroom Door’s create a lasting impression in your daily life

Experiment with colors, laminates and wood grain textures for your bedroom door design. The results will be according to your personality.

Bedroom Doors Size Chart 
Length : 72″, 75″, 78″, 81″ , 84″
Width : 26″, 28″, 30″, 32″, 34″, 6″

Bedroom Door
Bedroom Door

Why choose Echon Bedroom Doors:

1. Superior quality

2. We work with dedication to bring in innovation.

3. Expertise in customisation.

4. Extensive manufacturing capabilities

5. Ensure privacy, reduce noise and can also hide rooms or areas that are untidy.

6. Our bedroom doors become a perfect addition to your rooms design.

7. Our doors have the capability to change the whole look of the room.

Echon Range of Bedroom Door:

Here we have listed variety of bedroom doors range which will completely change the way your rooms look. 

  1. ECHON Solid bedroom doors are made of a 30 mm single ECHON WPC / PVC Board that can be installed easily. Variants available in the category are Star and Premium. 
  2. ECHON Decora door is our exquisite offering of solid doors which has options of panel design and wood-like textures. Variants available in the category are Star and Premium. 
  3. ECHON Realm door is a range of solid doors. With selected laminate options of solid and wood-finish. These types of doors can be used to design your space with a distinct style. The same finish is also available in the Decora range.
  4. ECHON PUF door is light and strong. It is available in many colors and panel designs suitable for all interior applications, especially for bedroom door.
  5. ECHON Panel door is made up of 5 mm ECHON WPC / PVC Board and has the reinforcement of MS Frame. It is designed to meet affordable housing requirements.
  6. ECHON bedroom door’s skin is moulded in different panel designs and shapes for sandwich doors. It has 1.2 mm thickness.