WPC Board – Market analysis, trends, and the role of key market players!

WPC in India

The demand of the manufacturing and construction sector has witnessed a surge regardless of the market situation. Improved standard of living and increase in aspirations have been major influence in driving the expansion of the construction and manufacturing sectors, which has in turn given birth to many revolutionary and innovation building materials. These building materials redefine durability and quality, offer ease in application and reduction in cost. One such building material is WPC in India – Wood Plastic Composite. WPC is a modern-age composite product that combines the benefits of wood and plastics offering a versatile material that can be used everywhere and anywhere. More so, this ideal composition liberates its users from any hassles that are commonly experienced with the use of wood/other wood based materials. Conventionally, it is used in the building material sector, but it is also very useful for industrial applications such as automotive parts, consumer goods, electrical engineering etc. However, the building and construction sector enjoys the largest share of the WPC in India market. 

WPC in India

Let us have a look at usage of WPC in India and its market size.

WPC in India Market intro – market analysis

In 2016, the Worldwide WPC market was worth $2,551 million. With a CAGR of 12.6% from 2017-2023, the WPC market is anticipated to reach $6,584 million by 2023. The WPC in India market is anticipated to expand consistently because of its sustainability, cost-saving benefits, and, more importantly, longevity. Extensive use of WPC Boards in home appliances and furniture has opened it up to the direct consumer base. Consumers are increasingly using it for its highly durable nature and material finish.

WPC trend

Wood Plastic Composite is a new-age material that addresses the demands of several industries. But what’s trending is decking. Decking is one of the most extensively used application of WPC. It is a flat surface/floor typically found outside the home or any other structural building. The use of WPC Board for decking makes it a durable and weather-resistant.

Apart from decking, constructional use of WPC Board is also trending in the market. As a building material, you can find usage of WPC in India for the following:

  • Door and frames
  • 3D wall panels
  • Interior wooden flooring
  • Shop fittings
  • Insulation of air-conditioned rooms and a lot more

In furniture, WPC Board use is now commonly uses in wardrobes, shelves, counters, cabinets, sofas, beds, and a lot more. The use of WPC in photographic laboratories, traffic signals, sign boards and other marketing material has also helped in significantly expanding WPC’s market size.

Advantages or benefits of WPC In India

The use of WPC offers a plethora of benefits. On a macro level, it reduces the process of deforestation by being a better replacement of wood, and on a micro level, it doesn’t require excessive maintenance as it is highly resistant to any weather and climatic changes. Here are a few perks of WPC Board that can influence your decision to use WPC In India.

  • Green and eco-friendly material

One of the greatest benefits of WPC Board is that it helps the environment by being a good replacement of wood. As the demand of WPC rises, less trees would be cut, and we could ensure our coming generations to have a greener tomorrow. More so, unlike the ‘single use’ plastics that WPC Board is commonly confused with, WPC Board offers longevity and durability and can be recycled.

  • Water-resistant

Another significant perk that WPC Board offers is resistance to water. The composition of WPC board and its products makes it highly resistant to water and heat. Moisture or even rain minimally affect WPC boards in comparison to wood which absorbs moisture and rots eventually. Therefore, this composite material is a preferred flooring solution.

  • Durability

More durability to weather, climate, and physical pressure than the durability of wood is another determinant that makes WPC popular in India and the global market. WPC Board is termite free, rot resistant, and shows lesser expansion and contraction in comparison to wood and other wood based products.

  • Ease in using and fabrication

WPC Board as a construction material can get molded into diverse shapes and sizes and can be used as it is without any further enhancements such as paint and polish. It also can be integrated it into any application and can be creatively combined with other complementary materials.

Why is India considering more WPC now?

In recent years, India has seen increase in use of WPC products for two reasons. One is due to the availability of good WPC Board manufacturers locally. With quality manufacturing, consumers can access more durable and quality products that they can trust. India is also learning of the benefits of WPC Board and its versatility and slowly moving from the age old products to new age products that not only have proved to be a better value for money but also offer beautiful aesthetics and promote practical living.

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