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First impression is what counts

PVC/WPC Door & Frame Manufacturer

With a real-wood feel and durability of PVC, let ECHON PVC/WPC Door and Door Frames create a lasting impression for you. Experiment with colors, laminates and wood grain textures to reflect your distinct personality.

pvc door

ECHON Dwaar Range of Doors

PVC/WPC Doors & Frames
WPC Flooring

Panel Doors

wood plastic composite

SOLID PANEL: 30mm Solid PVC Panel door made of colored 5mm PVC foam board.

wood plastic composite

SOLID PRO PANEL: 35mm Solid PVC Profile Panel door made of colored 5mm PVC foam board.

wood plastic composite

SOLID LAM PANEL: 30mm Solid PVC Panel door made of both side leminated 5mm PVC foam board.

solid Doors

solid Decora Doors

Door Size Chart
Solid Doors
Solid Decora Doors
Length (inch)
72", 75", 78", 81" , 84", 96''
78", 81" , 84"
Width (inch)
24", 26", 28", 30", 32", 34", 36", 48''
27", 30", 33", 36"'
Thickness (mm)
18, 24, 28, 30, 32, 35, 40
24, 28, 30

Chaukhat Size Chart

3" x 2" SR 4" x 2.5" SR
4" x 2" SR
5" x 2.5" SR, DR
6" x 2.5" SR, DR

ECHON PVC Door and WPC Door brings to you a large variety to choose from

ECHON® Panel Door is made of 5mm ECHON PVC Board that is designed to meet affordable housing requirements.

ECHON® PUF Door is light and strong that is available in many colours and design suitable for all interior applications, especially for bathroom doors.

ECHON® Solid Door is made for 30mm single ECHON WPC/PVC Board that can be installed directly. Variants available STAR & PREMIUM. ECHON also offers a PROFILE PANEL DOOR that is a 35mm thick factory-made door made from fixing 5mm thick sheet to extruded stile and rail profile. the stile and rail profile has a wall thickness of 5mm and is reinforced with MS tube for added strength. 

ECHON® Decora Door is our exquisite offering of solid doors with options of panel design and wood-like texture. Variants available: STAR & PREMIUM

ECHON® Door Skin is mounded in different designs and shapes for sandwich doors at 1.2 mm thickness.

ECHON® RIB Door is a well – crafted offering of lavish customized doors for elevated height door requirements.

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