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Lap of comfort waterproof flooring

composite flooring

ECHON फ-ARSH - Waterproof Flooring

ECHON presents to you an end to end quintessential flooring solution constructed with long lasting and effortless qualities. फ-ARSH composite flooring offers flawless & natural wood like look and feel bringing a luxurious experience to your daily life. It is a complete & absolute solution for universal interior applications.

No adhesive required with the effortless and seamless valinge click system.

laminate flooring
Waterproof Flooring

Install, change, shift and re-install with easy.

Comfort and noise resistance with our foam underlayer. ECHON फ-ARSH 1mm Underlayer outshines the market trend of 0.3mm-0.5mm.

wooden laminate flooring
SPC Flooring

Stress-free maintenance with our waterproof flooring.

High Impact resistance. high scratch resistance. best in market abrasion. resistance for a timeless lifestory.

SPC Waterproof Flooring

ECHON फ-ARSH Construction of Composite Flooring

Wooden Flooring

Products Specification of ECHON फ-ARSH:

WIDTH: 150mm
LENGTH: 1220mm

flooring advantage
wooden laminate flooring
Wood/Laminated Flooring                                                               फ-ARSH Composite Flooring
- WOOD - LIKE LOOK AND FEEL Near - perfect and indistinguishable.
High maintainance is required as it is affected by moisture, termites and climate change, leading to rooting and cracking. MAINTAINANCE Minimal maintenance, 100% water proof, termite proof and no expansion & contraction makes it an effortless product.
Limited in application to non - moisture prone and low footfall areas. APPLICATIONS Unlimited and universal interior applications.
Very accident prone. Wooden flooring can spread fire easily. ACCIDENT PRONE Less accident prone.Its fire retardant properties prevernt fire from spreading.
Can be low-load bearing causing cracking. STABILITY High density and stability prevents it from cracking even in high load bearing areas. The dense cushioned under layers makes it more comfortable and quieter to walk on.