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An initiative to spread awareness about road safety 

Road accidents in India are a significant concern due to their frequency and impact on public safety. India has one of the highest numbers of road traffic accidents in the world. 

India accounts for a substantial proportion of global road traffic fatalities. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), around 150,000 people die in road accidents in India each year, which is approximately 11% of global road traffic deaths. 

Road accidents in India can occur due to various factors, including speeding, reckless driving, drunk driving, poor road infrastructure, inadequate signage, lack of adherence to traffic rules, overloading of vehicles, and mechanical failures. Pedestrians, cyclists, and two-wheeler riders are particularly vulnerable on Indian roads. Due to the high volume of traffic, lack of dedicated lanes, and inadequate safety measures, these road users face a higher risk of accidents and injuries.

Despite these measures, road accidents continue to be a significant problem in India. Addressing the issue requires a comprehensive approach. 

ECHON took an initiative against road accidents through a public awareness campaign in our own city UDAIPUR with the help of district administration. 

The motive behind this campaign is to connect maximum people with this campaign emotionally through social media and make them aware about road safety & benefits of lane management. 


"SAVE A LIFE" - An initiative taken by ECHON group

Connected students to this campaign through a Drawing Competition “Art for Life

Received support of many responsible citizen of our Udaipur city including Police, Doctors & Blood Donors.
We honored them with "YOU ARE A STAR" road safety award.

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Made people aware about road safety by putting posters on main roundabouts of the city such as Chetak Circle, Delhi Gate, Hathipole, Surajpole, Udaipole, Fatehpura and Sukher Choraha.

Conducted lane management drive on 18th - 19th March Udaipur city at three connected roundabouts Chetak Circle, Hathipole & Delhi Gate.



Honored 1000+ people with Road Safety Award.

Heartfelt thanks to District Administration & Udaipur Police for your invaluable support in the “Save a Life” campaign.

Your dedication and commitment played a pivotal role in the success of this crucial initiative, and we cannot thank you enough for your invaluable contribution.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to each and every member of the District Administration and Police Team who participated in this historical campaign. 

We express our deepest gratitude.

                                                                                      Warm Regards – ECHON Group

A heartfelt gratitude and appreciation of students for their active participation in the drawing competition on road safety. 

Your enthusiasm, creativity, and commitment to spreading awareness about this critical issue have truly left a lasting impact on all of us. By participating in this competition, you have not only showcased your artistic talents but also contributed to the noble cause of making our roads safer for everyone. Your dedication, passion, and active involvement reflect your commitment to creating a positive change in society. You have become ambassadors of road safety, and your contributions will undoubtedly inspire others to join the cause.

Thank you and best wishes for all your future endeavors.


                                                                      Warm regards –  ECHON Group 


Heartfelt thanks to youngsters and each & every member of ECHON Group for their unwavering efforts to make this campaign successful

We firmly believe that the younger generation has the power to make a significant difference in society, and you have certainly proven this to be true. Your energy, passion, and determination are inspiring and give us hope for a future where road accidents and injuries are significantly reduced.

By actively engaging in this campaign, you have shown a remarkable sense of responsibility and concern for the well-being of your fellow citizens. Your involvement is a testament to your understanding of the importance of road safety and the impact it can have on countless lives.

Stay safe, drive responsibly, and continue to be the change maker!

                                                                                      Warm Regards – ECHON Group