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PVC & WPC Products

PVC/WPC is durable and has an unblemished surface with the superior finish on both sides of the sheet, making it the most suitable for printing, painting, milling or routing. 

PVC/WPC is the most creative and eco-friendly product with incomparable physical properties suitable for a very wide range of applications in both, interior as well as exterior applications. The application extends to segments such as signage, modular kitchen, furniture and construction; to name a few.

PVC/WPC is durable and has unblemished surface with superior finish on both sides of the sheet, making it the most suitable for printing, painting, milling or routing. PVC/WPC is carpenter-friendly as ordinary carpentry tools and conventional handling methods can be used to work upon it. This product offers convenience, cost-reduction and time efficiency.

A few salient features of PVC/WPC as against wood-based products such as plywood, block board, MDF, etc. are: Water-resistant | Termite-resistant | Chemicals-resistant | Fire-retardant | Anti-corrosion | Rot and sag free | Maintenance free | Dimensionally stable (Does not warp/swell) | Excellent- acoustic quality | Thermal and electrical insulation | Thermoformable | High flexural strength | Impact-resistant | Free from phenol and formaldehyde effect.

In a nutshell, PVC/WPC is a seamless and resolute product, imperative for much-needed transition from wood to non-wood based products leading to a greener and better tomorrow for a healthy ecosystem.

PVC/WPC Board is one of the most versatile products to meet the various needs of modern architecture. Wood and/or other building materials have a short-term life as they are prone to decay and damage from use, weather and insects; while, PVC/WPC offers longevity, as it is resistant to weathering, rotting, shock and abrasion, and can be recycled at the end of its useful life. Therefore, PVC/WPC is replacing traditional building materials such as wood, concrete and metals in many applications because of its versatility, long term cost effectiveness and superior record of use.

ECHON Board’s pricing may be similar to teak wood, marginally higher than good quality marine plywood and higher compared to regular/ low quality, plywood, MDF, Particle Board and other materials. However, ECHON’s star features make it the most economical product among all building materials. A few features to highlight:
– It is unaffected by water, salt, termite, insects or other life limiting factors.
– It is a finished product and needs no buffing, polishing or lamination, which saves cost of additional material and labor.
– It is a health-friendly product and uses no Lead or Cadmium unlike other PVC/WPC Board manufacturers in India.

ECHON Board is manufactured to be used for interior and limited exterior applications. Please use caution when using ECHON Board in an exterior application, especially when dark paint, ink or vinyl is applied. This may cause the sheets to expand in heat and contract in cold. Test before any specific exterior application. KATPL does not recommend long term/permanent use of ECHON Boards, especially colored boards, in exterior applications.

PVC/WPC Board is degradable and recyclable. We recycle and reuse PVC/WPC to help reduce our carbon footprint on earth while using Lead Free and Food Grade additives. PVC/WPC is also a great substitute for using wood. By helping reduce the amount of trees cut down, we believe ECHON is ultimately helping keep the world green.

No, PVC/WPC boards will not corrode from natural weathering, water, and insects as long as ECHON’s PVC/WPC products are used and maintained properly. An example of misuse and wrongful maintenance is of acid or harmful chemicals are applied to the boards.

ECHON Board’s surface can be screen printed, painted, colored, coated, polished, varnished and laminated with different surface materials. ECHON Board can adhere to plywood and related products, Masonry, Glass, ACP, Mica, Veneer and other materials using ppropriate fasteners.

Although ECHON products do not need to be painted, some choose to paint them. The best types of paint to use are acrylic, PVC paint and two component polyurethane compound. ECHON PVC does not need to be primed before painting, but can be for better results. Only light to medium colored paints with a light reflective value of 55 units or greater should be applied to ECHON.

You can use screw and nail on ECHON Boards without any doubt. ECHON Board has a good screw holding capacity. It is advised to nail ECHON material at least 6 millimeters from the edge to avoid splitting. It can be drilled like wood. While bolting, larger size washer should be used to spread the weight load. You may use fastener plugs made from ECHON Board. You may also use caulking or other fillers to fill the hole.

You can use nails, screws and construction adhesives to fasten ECHON Boards. For less demanding, stress free application double-sided self-adhesive construction tapes can also be used. ECHON Board can be fastened to wood, plywood, MDF, Veneer, Mica, Glass, Masonry, ACP, Steel and other materials. It has been observed that Fevicol heatex has been the popular choice to glue mica on ECHON Board. To fasten ECHON Board to itself you can use adhesive containing solvent or high quality polyurethane adhesive.

ECHON Board can be easily worked with standard tools that are used for woodworking carpentry. It can be cut, turned, drilled, planned, milled, screwed, polished and much more. It can be fabricated with all possible woodworking machines like Board saw, Vacuum press, CNC Router, Edge benders, Multi boring and other machines with utmost ease and satisfaction.