Interior Designing Trends

In the last decade, we have seen new trends emerging rapidly. We have shifted from being a radio generation to an Alexa generation; from television to Netflix; from Walkman to iPod – the list is encouragingly long. Nonetheless, the building material industry has seen its own transformation by embracing innovative products such as PVC/WPC that not only complement the age-old love for wood but also supersede it by setting higher product standards that eliminate the innate shortcomings of wood.

In this journey of growth, ECHON has played a pivotal role in the industry. For more than 20 years, ECHON, product of Kumar Arch Tech Pvt. Ltd, has been a leading manufacturer of quality WPC/PVC products and has been recognized and celebrated for its richly endowed experience in extrusion-manufacturing and innovation in India and globally.

Increasingly, consumers have acknowledged WPC/PVC’s unique properties that have put an end to their worries of rotting, decaying, termite attacks etc. If ECHON WPC/PVC products were a person, then he/she would be called a ‘A Problem Solver.’

To highlight a few star features, ECHON WPC/PVC–‘TheProblem Solver’–is

  • Termite resistant
  • Moisture proof
  • Corrosion/Rot/Decay free
  • Maintenance-free
  • An excellent sound, thermal and electric insulator
  • Fire retardant
  • Lead-free
  • A perfect combination of smart aesthetics with functionality And can be,
  • Easily installed with regular wood-working tools
  • Customised to meet all desired market requirements
Interior Designing Trends

ECHONis a ONE-STOP-SHOP with the widest range of products in the market.

The range of products include:

● PVC Board & WPC Board
ECHON offers various qualities of PVC and WPC Boards/Sheets that are used to design interior and exterior products such as cupboards, kitchen cabinets, vanities, furniture, pre-fab solutions etc. Moreover, ECHON is one of the only manufacturers to produce sheets from 0.70mm to 50mm thick and up to 6.75’ wide that makes customization a child’s play. The most popular product is ECHON SMART Board that has proven to be successful across various applications.

● PVC Doors & WPC Doors
ECHON presents DWAAR as a brand of premium doors and chaukhats designed to complement and amplify the look of any space. This collection fulfils all needs with the strength and durability of ECHON doors, while providing a natural look embracing every individual’s style and personality in mind. ECHON offers a wide range of door options with varied thicknesses, sizes (height & width), designs, colours and laminates. ECHON Decora Door is a smart choice for

» Bedroom Doors
» Bathroom Doors
» Office Doors
» Main Doors etc.

as it not only stands strong through day-to-day wear and tear but also adds an element of design and aesthetics to any space.

● PVC/WPC Door Frame (Chaukhat)
ECHON DWAAR Chaukhat has gained popularity because of its unbeatable strength and durability while supporting and complementing doors. It is easy to install and  maintain, and adds a rich definition to any door with colour, finish and laminate offerings. 

● PVC/WPC Signage
With ECHON’s unique formulation and UV stabilization, ECHON Foam boards are the perfect solution for indoor and outdoor advertising, and short-term promotional campaigns. The smooth surface is ideal for direct digital and screen printing, vinyl pasting, UV printing, painting etc. PVC Foam boards are durable, cost effective and ensure longevity.

● Luxury Composite Flooring/ Laminate Flooring
ECHON presents an End-to-End (Farsh se ArshTak) quintessential flooring solution constructed with long-lasting and effortless qualities. ECHON फ-ARSH composite flooring offers flawless and natural wood-like look and feel bringing a luxurious experience to one’s daily life. It is an absolute solution for universal interior applications.

Apart from above, ECHON also offers PVC/WPC Wall Panels, False Ceiling Panels, Kitchen Shutter Panels, Ply Protection Boards and Project Solutions.

‘The Problem Solver’ is always To-The-Rescue, reach us at or 18001806437 for any queries.

From Imagination to Innovation: ECHON makes it possible.