When it comes to choosing the best flooring type, there are various factors that you need to consider like your budget, look, style, features, and where you want to install this.

In this blog, let’s understand what exactly is Composite flooring and check out various benefits, types, and uses of Composite flooring for your home and office.

What is Composite Flooring?

Composite flooring is the best choice for floors with very high traffic, like offices or hotels, though it can also be used in domestic environments.

Composite flooring mainly refers to a composition that is quite rigid than traditional vinyl as the core is made from stabilizers and limestone.

Composite flooring is our “next generation” flooring type. Additionally, compared to laminate and wood floors, they’re 100% water resistant, thus highly suitable and versatile for all kinds of spaces, including wet rooms in your house like kitchens and bathrooms.

What is Composite Flooring

Different Layers of Composite Flooring

Though its ranges mainly depend on the manufacturer, the Composite planks are normally made from the following layers:

  • Wear layer – This layer restores authentic color & embossing, thus giving protection from abrasion.
  • UV layer – It ensures waterproof performance, stain-resistance, and also prevents fading.
  • Core – Highly durable rigid plank core that does not expand or contract with shifts in humidity or temperature
  • Bottom layer – Can be foam or cork backing material, which gives cushioning for comfortable under footing.
  • Decorative layer – It is a printed wood-looking style.

Benefits of Composite Flooring

The Composite flooring is commonly installed with the click style system, which is very quick to install compared to the traditional tiles – thus making it a favorite choice for DIY homeowners. No nails or glue are needed to install, just cut to size & click in place. Though it lacks durability than traditional tiles, the speed of the installation drives down labour costs hence it makes an amazing flooring choice.

Great insulation and soundproofing capabilities

Even though not one of the most defining features, Composite floors generally have very good soundproofing features and are a noise-minimizing choice to the WPC flooring, thus providing a quiet experience & maximum walking comfort.

Stain-resistant and waterproof

Another big benefit of selecting Composite flooring is it is totally waterproof and stain-resistant. Because of its PVC core layer, the planks will withstand liquids & spills unlike other flooring products out there in the market.

Comfort and Style

Composite has a softer surface compared to other flooring materials like stone or wood. It is highly comfortable underfoot & sound-reducing which is an important trait for several facilities.

Real Wood Type Design

The timeless design mimicking nature’s beauty is actually what makes the Composite flooring highly popular. We can achieve real-wood likeliness, but it is tough to tell the difference from far away. Besides you can very proudly say that it’s the ‘wood’ flooring without any drawbacks of the real wood. Isn’t this amazing?

It’s Very Stable

We make amazing products that do not react to humidity and temperature changes just like other kinds of floors do. Suppose you stay in an environment, that is notorious for very high humidity, this product provides the perfect look of hardwood floors, however in a stable platform that will not wither away in excessive moisture.

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Uses of Composite Flooring

Composite flooring has now become a more and more popular option for property owners who are looking to modernize their interiors. As a waterproof flooring choice, Composite flooring is found in areas like the kitchen and bathroom – here are some ways you may join this trend:


Back to nature – Get the much-appreciated natural aesthetic of wood and stone to embrace a real nature look in your bathroom. Assert the classic rustic look with Composite bathroom floor tiles, by using the same textures and colors on the bathroom walls that will produce a natural feel. For an ideal finishing touch, you can complement it with greenery or other organic materials

Dark side – a moody or dark color palette will work great wonders to give your bathroom a luxury and chic feel. Make a style statement with Composite bathroom floor tiles, with the shiny chrome touch for the dark aesthetic


Champion tradition – The traditional kitchen interiors can embrace classic elements of the conventional kitchen designs that will project a rustic and homely feel. Championing cottagecore elements and minimalism, assert the traditional aesthetic with some realistic wood type vinyl, like tiles.

Go urban – for homeowners who prefer contemporary style over classic, then get a smooth urban look in your kitchen with more emphasis on the dark shades, distinctive ambiance, and industrial textures. Consider reinforcing a contemporary vibe with the sleek urban-toned Composite flooring that is offset with the brushed metallic & glass accents


Because of its diverse functionality, today Composite flooring is considered a perfect option for both commercial and residential purposes. It can easily be installed in any part of your house including the living room, kitchen, walkway, and bedroom. But, it isn’t recommended to get installed very close to the fire source and outdoors.

At present, Composite flooring is used commercially in retail stores, cafes, bars, hospitals, restaurants, schools, clinics, churches, and studios.