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WPC Chaukhat

WPC Chaukhat

We manufacture products that are corrosion free

Echon WPC Chaukhat replaces the entire lengthy process of woodcutting, sizing, trimming, grooving and polishing which takes place during the manufacturing of wooden doors. Also, it has many unmatched features like:

Features of THE Chaukhat:

  • Rot & Decay Free
  • Water & Moisture Resistant
  • Fire Retardant & Self Extinguishing
  • Termite Resistant
  • Maintainance Free
  • No Cracking
  • Mold Resistant
  • Easy Installation

Advantages of WPC Chaukhat:

1. Environment-friendly – Wooden Door frames and windows are the main cause for deforestation on a large scale while Echon WPC Chaukhat is an engineered product without any damage to the environment.

2. Ease of Installation – Iron Door Frames are heavy in weight and installing them won’t be easy unless there is a professional contractor however these Chaukhats are quite opposite, their installation may be done easily by any carpenter.

3. Insulation – Steel door frames are especially used as outdoor frames, their good conductor quality makes them poor preference in a climate with low or high temperature.

4. Harmful Chemicals – Other door frames are treated with dangerous chemical compounds that cause health issues while Chaukhats aren’t.

5. Cost-Effective – WPC Chaukhats is cost-effective as it’s manufacturing is not a lengthy process as compared to the other door frames. Also, it has a pleasant variety of colors that go with other home interiors.

ECHON Doors & Chaukhats are fabricated from our premium quality WPC/PVC material. It is one of the most creative & ECO-Friendly product with incomparable physical properties. With a real-wood feel and durability of WPC/PVC, ECHON WPC Chaukhats create a long-lasting impression for you.